2017-2021 Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan (PDF)

The first plan developed by the HIV Planning Group incorporates both Prevention and Care Services across Pennsylvania (minus Philadelphia).

2012 Comprehensive HIV Care Service Plan (PDF)

Through the combined efforts of the Integrated HIV Planning Council and the HIV Community Prevention Planning Committee, both convened by the PA DOH, this document includes both the Statewide Comprehensive Plan for HIV Care Services and the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN).  The first section of the document provides a background on the initial stages to integrate both Care and Prevention planning.  

2012 Community HIV Prevention Plan (PDF)

This document represents the final Prevention Plan produced by the HIV Community Prevention Planning Commitee and the PA DOH.  Prevention planning is now combined with Care Services Planning and the first fully integrated plan will be written in 2014.

Past Prevention Plans

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