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Cultural Competency and High Risk HIV Populations

Assist agency staff build to awareness, knowledge, and skills in developing and implementing inclusive and responsive practices within the work

Social Determinants and Health Equity: Widening the Lens in HIV Prevention

Examines the impact of social determinants of health on HIV risk, prevalence and access to services. A model and continuum of approaches is introduced to assist prevention and care providers with implementation strategies to address these concerns.

HIV Stigma and Access To Care

Provides knowledge and skills necessary to improve organizational capacity to deliver HIV/AIDS education, care and support services

Intimate Partner Violence and the HIV Intersection

Examines the intersection between partner violence and HIV; provides an overview of intimate partner violence, HIV basics, IPV risk awareness and reduction, and HIV/IPV assessment tools

HIV/AIDS In depth Course for Case Managers and Small Group Facilitators (Full Day Course)

Interactive training highlighting HIV/AIDS transmission; prevention; statistical data and trends, with a focus on high risk populations; HIV determinants of health; HIV replication and relationship to treatment; HIV antibody testing; PA confidentiality law; National HIV/AIDS Strategy and High Impact Prevention; resources; incorporating appropriate HIV information in one on one client sessions; facilitation skills;

HIV: The Basics in the Age of High Impact Prevention

Provides basic understanding of HIV infection and AIDS, including transmission, prevention HIV testing, and epidemiology trends, HIV replication, treatment as prevention, and PA Act 148/59 (PA Confidentiality of HIV-Related Information Act)

Motivational Interviewing

Introduces the theory, principles and spirit of motivational interviewing counseling. Through   interactive activities participants will develop skills to incorporate motivational interviewing approach into their counseling.

Facilitation Skills for Group Level STD/HIV Behavioral Interventions

Participants assess skills and strengths, exploring incorporate different learning styles to create richer learning environments,